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I'm a Certified Public Accountant located in beautiful Key West, FL.  Most of my clients are located in the keys.


Client Focused

I take an educational approach with my clients.  I spend time teaching them sound tax management and accounting principles so they can better manage their business.



Most small business owners need some accounting and tax help, they just can't always afford it.  I offer three different accounting packages with varying prices, so you get to choose what you can afford, not me. 


From privately held entities to SEC-registered companies, it is vital to keep track of your company's financial situation. I offer different accounting packages, based on your needs, that help with bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, and perhaps most importantly: financial statement analysis.  Click on the Services Tab to learn more.

Robert E. Clark CPA prides itself on offering CPA services of a distinctly higher quality than the competition, given our three major advantages:


  • Focus on the local area: I serve Key West, FL with an unrivaled focus. Most of  clients my are in the region, and you know you’re hiring a local to deal with your financial matters, not some impersonal entity in a different state or country.
  • Focus on clients: You’re more than your money. When you hire Robert E. Clark CPA, you not only get my high-quality accounting services, but I seek to educate my clients about financial matters to give them a leg up in future financial conundrums. More informed clients can more easily manage their own businesses, and I love to see businesses thrive.
  • Focus on affordability: Hiring someone to help with your finances shouldn’t drain those same finances. Multiple tiers of services are offered so that you can choose the level that you can most comfortably afford, and disregard services you don’t require.


Small Business Accounting

No matter if you’re just starting out with a small business, or are already a titan of industry, you’ll always need to maintain records of your finances and keep an eye on how your business is performing. I can give you concrete data on what you’re doing well, what you need to fix, and new business opportunities, using sales data and customer trends.

Instead of closely monitoring such complex financial information personally, outsource it to a trained professional who does it for a living, and frees your attention to focus on other aspects of your business.




Tax and Estate Planning

This firm doesn’t only cater to businesses. I am aware that the common man has uses for a CPA in their affairs as well. Most popularly, it can make tax season a lot less stressful to have someone on your side who knows tax law inside and out, combing through your financial information to save you extra dollars and keep you clear of the IRS’ ire. And it’s not just during tax season that you have to worry about toeing the line of tax regulations you may not even be aware of.

Tax law concerning estate planning can be particularly complex, but not to worry: this is just one of many specialties that I offer to my clients. Planning for the future doesn’t have to be stressful when you have a CPA to go over every step of the way with you.

Skylar Winepol

Skylar Winepol

Digital Marketing Services

I'm very impressed with Mr. Clark's professional accounting services here in Key West. He has helped my digital marketing agency immensely. He represents his clients well and we will continue to recommend him to all business owners and all non-profit organizations.


Justin Tom

Business Owner

Robert E. Clark has now represented me a second time, as a seller. Again, he was really outstanding. He took care of all the details of fixing the place up, gave us great advice on price-setting and just made everything easy and painless. Great communicator.

Harry Crissy


Mr. Clark is very concise and clear in his work. He is able to ensure that you understand your status as a business. I highly recommend!

A Press

Alexander Press

Social Media Strategist

Robert Clark is a spectacular accountant for his transparency and customer service. He educated me on what I need to properly manage my LLC and grow my business and I highly recommend him for all accounting services.

david tobar

David Tobar

I describe my experience as both professional and skillfull. I proudly recommend his services. Excellent work!


Joseph Phillips

I've had many questions about the tax code. Robert is able to answer my questions in a way that I can understand. He makes my tax problems easy to understand and has given me helpful advice in how to fix my tax problems.

rob k

Rob Knight

Very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Would highly recommend Mr. Clark for his services.


JR Fogarty

Business Owner

Very intelligent and extremely competent. Easy to work with.

Don S

Don Sattely

This is by far the most Professional businessman I have ever had the occasion to work with! Five Stars!